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Build a Location Independent Business

The Digital Nomad Community is a social network for digital nomads based around the world. When you become a member you will have access to a network of likeminded digital nomads, our course on becoming a digital nomad, step by step location independent business blueprints, jobs & internships board, digital nomad forum, mastermind groups, Facebook group and much much more.

Our aim is to bring nomads together and grow a really supportive and complementary group of people sharing life experiences and guiding each other to a successful nomadic lifestyle

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Welcome to the Digital Nomad Community

After travelling the best part of the world as a digital nomad for seven years freelancing as a writer and web developer, I noticed how hard it was for people trying to become location independent workers themselves. It could also get quite lonely at times as there was very little support or communities out there for digital nomads. I also found most the overpriced digital nomad membership sites that were out there already made becoming a digital nomad or making a living online sound overcomplicated and intangible, when in fact its actually quite easy as long as you approach it correctly.

“Every person is defined by the communities he or she belongs to.” ― Orson Scott Card

So in 2012 I founded and built the digital nomad community, a website based around support and learning that brought digital nomads around the world together in one place to share tips, advice and to discuss our unique lifestyle. The idea was also to help others design a location independent lifestyle. Overtime, the community grew, and also developed into an online learning facility that aims to help more people build flexible, location-independent businesses that will allow them to live a more fulfilling life wherever they choose.


Here's what you'll get as a member of our community


Digital Nomad Course

Our digital nomad course  takes you step by step on your path to becoming a digital nomad in as short a time frame as possible. This course teaches you everything you will need to work from anywhere you want successfully and more,

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  • How to adopt the digital nomad mindset
  • Skills that WILL make you money online
  • The critical skills you will need to be a successful digital nomad
  • How to prepare yourself financially
  • How to find a mentor and build your network
  • Secrets to making money on freelancer sites
  • Secrets to being a successful freelancer and how to build your online business
  • How to research where to go
  • How to find the cheapest flights
  • How to stay in mansions anywhere for free
  • How to get Sponsored press trips
  • How to find the best short term rentals
  • and much much more.....
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Location Independent Business Blueprints

Our Location independent business blueprints are designed to teach you skills that will allow you to start making money online. Skills that you can then use to scale into a fully fledged business that will allow you to travel wherever, and whenever you want in the world.

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You don't need any prior experience in these areas. You don't even need to become an expert to start earning, which should only take a couple of months at the most.
Included is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you follow it and use the templates included to find your first client, you will definitely make your membership fee back and many people have made $1000 in their first month at it.


Digital Nomad Forum

Our Digital nomad forum where you can connect, share and learn from other members who are on the same path as you. Our forums are full of people who not only love to discuss all aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle,  but are also ready to take action.

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The digital nomad forum will become one of your most valuable resources.  You will meet members who have only started their location independent journey who you will be able to relate to and members who have already built successful location independent businesses and have been there and done that. You will be able to learn and get support from both.

Digital Nomad Forum


Digital Nomad Jobs & Internship Board

Our digital nomad jobs & internship board displays the most interesting location independent jobs posted online that you will find useful. These are often internships abroad in places such as Thailand, Philippines and Bali.

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These are ideal if you want to become a digital nomad but don't want to go down the road of building  your own business. You can also post your own jobs if you wan't to hire a member of DNC. Members can also upload their resume and C.V for employers to look at. We also hire writers from the jobs board ourselves which offers you the opportunity to get your feet wet making money online and also earn your membership fee back in the process. You will gain some valuable experience and have something to add to your portfolio.

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Facebook Style Profile Pages

We use a Facebook style profile and timeline with the ability to add friends and private message other members. This offers you the opportunity to find a mentor and grow your network, two very important aspects if you wish to become successful at this.

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Although we don't try to emulate Facebook, If you are member there you will feel familiar with our set-up.  You can post updates on your wall, see what others are up to in the news feed, post photos and like others posts. You can look back on your  digital nomad journey on your timeline as you progress without being bugged with any annoying advertisements or sponsored posts.

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And Much, Much More...

  • Our Master mind & chat groups on specific subjects related to being a digital nomad.
  • Map of members to allow users to find digital nomads nearby to meetup, hangout and share a coffee (or beer) with.
  • A calender of upcoming digital nomad meetups, events and gatherings worldwide
  • A Monthly rate accommodation directory of properties recommended by digital nomads with monthly rate prices listed.
  • Members also have the ability to blog about their journey as a digital nomad, which will be posted on the article section of this site
  • Our private Facebook group with over 1000 members
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The Single Most Valuable Aspect Of This Community

At its heart DNC is a community of like minded people that offers help and support to anyone who wishes to build their own business, travel the world or even just work from home. This community of hundreds of other like minded people is the most valuable thing we provide.

If you are willing to make the leap of faith and just go and do it, or feel you have something to bring to the table, we would love to see you on the inside.

Our Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you feel  the material isn’t what you were looking for, that's fine, just send us an email, and we will promptly refund your sign up fee . No worries.

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